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How to make a Eclipse Help Contents plug-in

Here is an step by step example how to make a Eclipse 3.2+ help plug-in. (I think it should work with the Eclipse 3.1).

The Guide

  1. Start new project "file->new->project"
  2. When wizard opens select "Plug-in Project" (in "Plug-in Development" if it isn't listed in root) and click next
  3. Plug-in Project dialog (fill and click next)
    - Enter project name i.e. "com.example.helpexample"
    - Use default location or enter new one for your plug-in files
    - Remove Check mark from "Create a Java Project" (we won't have any java files)
    - Select target platform if you are building help for other platform or leave default

  4. Plug-in Content dialog (fill and click next)
    - Change Plug-in properties if you are unhappy with defaults
  5. Templates dialog (fill and click next)
    - Check "Create plug-in using one of the templates"
    - In "Available Templates" select "Plug-in with sample help content"
  6. Sample Help Table of Contents dialog (fill and click finish)
    - Enter "Label for table of contents" i.e. "Help Example"
    - Uncheck "Generate a primary table of contents for testing"
  7. If you are not on the "Plug-in Development Perspective" switch to it
    - If MANIFEST.MF is not open you can open it ("Package Explorer" in folder "META-INF")
    - Select "Extensions" tab
  8. In "Extensions" tab select ""
    - Fill extension details i.e. ID: "com.example.helpexample", Name: "Help Example", Point: ""

    - Point field should be filled with appropriate value and in Eclipse 3.3 you will not see Point field.


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